Son of Batman Animated Feature

batmanDC has released the Son of Batman animated feature for DVD. All and all very worth watching. Like most anything with Bats in it he is pretty tough and quiet. Ra’s and Deathstroke are bad and Damien is a little jerk. I don’t think there was a whole lot to say about them other than they were pretty much who you expected.

*possible spoilers*

Talia  al Ghul was not how I expected her to be. She sure showed a lot of skin and I wasn’t surprised at that, it was how not tough she was. She is Damien’s mother and I presume she helped trained him. In the first scene she takes out a bunch of Deathstroke’s ninjas and more than a few of his helicopters. Good for her. When she goes to find Batman she sneaks up on both him and Killer Croc. Taking out Croc when he was laying a beating on Batman. Then later in the movie she goes after Deathstroke and is taken out in just a few seconds. I didn’t get what changed between the first scene and when she gets captured. Was she sick or injured? Did she forget all training that her father and the League of Shadows obviously taught her? Really seemed odd and out of character.

I expected her to be a bad person as she does live with nothing a world dominating ninja assassins league. In fact all the women in this move were “bad” people. Talia admits to drugging Bats the night Damien was conceived. There is the wife of a scientist that when captured by the evil ninjas she now knows her mutant formula creating husband works for, she tells her kid that daddy will help us. The same daddy that was know for mutation formulas and had been working for the League of Shadows so he could continue his illegal work. Her daughter was also quick to show her true colors and deliver a secret message (secret from Batman) from Deathstroke, to lay a trap for Damien when they show up to free her and her mother. The only other women in the movie was an executive who is likely stealing funds from the Wayne company and two call girls.

With the exception of Alfred and Nightwing you can make the argument all the characters were bad people. To be fair most characters in a Batman movie are often bad people, but the women really stood out in this movie for me for some reason. The opening fight scene and Damien being a jerk to everyone make the movie fun, but less superficial characters could have made this movie great.



She seems like a nice lady

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