Several Social Networks with a Single Post

This post is for my good friend Dan. He was asking about hitting several, if not all, social networks at once to save time. If you are an avid social networker or are in charge of an online presence, like for a company, then you may have already explored some of the methods I use.

None of this should replace actually using and engaging with real people on social networks and automization should be used very conservatively.

The most obvious route is a third party app. HootSuite, Seesmic, and Tweetdeck are all very popular. All free. For even more options the free service ifttt is great! Where these tools can fail is in the user’s abuse of feeds. The web etiquette is different from social network to social network. You MUST understand this and control your content.

For posting anything there is always the danger of over sharing. This happens at different levels of service use.  While Facebook users prefer only a few posts a day at most, Twitter users need posts per hour or you get lost in the feed. Still, some services like Pinterest seem to have no cap whatsoever. Choosing the right services for your goal’s is key. But lets look at linking them up anyway.

In my experience Twitter allows for the most posting from multiple sources and Facebook the least. In theory, we could post to every service all the time. My pal Dan wants to know about hitting as many as possible. Lets see how many we can connect in a useful way.

I will start with Instagram. A small social network all to itself. We get sharing settings for Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, and Flickr. It is tempting to just hit share to all, but instead lets create a chain for this post to follow in the appropriate volume. This way each social network is offering a link out back to the previous network. The idea there is to get followers across multiple networks. This chain of networks must be thought out as well. For example, if I am sharing a location I can share from Instagram to Foursquare. The Foursquare settings then push to Facebook and Facebook settings in turn to Twitter. That is four social networks with a single post. Each advertising the previous. Also, you can still use Instagram and choose in the menu not to share to Foursquare, but instead to fb which will cut the chain down to three and give you control over volume at the source of the post. Or only to Twitter. Because of the way the Instagram options are set up you have good control over your volume.

But what if your content is different? Let’s look at another person I know. Hoss at His content is primarily video. So the Instagram example isn’t as useful for him. His primary network is YouTube. Although his site, facebook, and Twitter shouldn’t be ignored.

For him the already mentioned ifttt may be the solution. Using the already made “recipe” of  “For every new YouTube post, auto create a WordPress post” for his site. (Works with self hosted or otherwise) The recipe allows for auto tagging which will be useful in the generated feed. Let us assume the auto tag #video is used. WordPress will create a new post and the RSS (provided it’s enabled) for posts tagged #video can be sent to auto post other places. To control the volume let’s link this #video RSS feed to Hootsuite. From here the post on his site can be auto sent to Facebook/Twitter even Google Plus all at once. Since he doesn’t post a new video more than once a day this kind of auto posting saves time and has little to no risk of over sharing. Keeping this link process in mind will help prevent double posting. An example of this double posting in my Twitter feed is shown below.  His main content is always shared at the correct volume and he is free to engage with followers and fans rather than making sure to post a link to each of the 5 networks mentioned.


These examples are in NO way a perfect solution for anyone. There is no such thing. Social media changes so fast this post may be out of date in a week or your needs may change tomorrow. But understanding the settings of services you already use and employing just one or two free tools available can make the job of managing your sharing consistently a little easier. These social networks have settings to help you if you use them correctly for your goals. RSS feeds are a powerful way to keep your content sharing across networks OR they can flood your followers to the point of spam. Explore your settings and look for ways to get the most out of what you already use. Networks like Digg, Stumble Upon, Pinterest, and more give you an RSS feed to play with. Simply googling “find my {insert social network name} rss feed” will show you where to look.  The key is knowing what you want your online presence to be and using the correct settings and tools to keep your content out there and in the appropriate volume.


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