Reviewing APIs

I like to consume public APIs and while I love some of the API resources I have found, something that has been tough for me to find is reviews. Maybe that is because it’s not a service that is easily reviewed? Maybe developer experience isn’t as popular as it should be?

The API experience can differ wildly form one API to another. So I as a consumer of APIs, I am going to document my experience and review APIs. Also because it’s the coolest.

If if anyone is going to take away something useful from my reviewing I should define a few things.

  1. Scale is 1 to 5 (or any other integer I choose) for category reviewed.
  2. The API returns will be reviewed. How much data can a get? Is it easily consumed? Consistent?
  3. The docs will be reviewed. Easy to find and read? Can I test there??
  4. Method structure will be reviewed. How is the experience when I need to be employ several methods?
  5. I really might totally change this format at anytime and not feel bad about it.

One might wonder what makes me qualified to review an API? I’m qualified to review the everything else I  consume according to just about very service online I use, so that is good enough for me.

Additionally API discovery and integrations is a large part of my current job. So that doesn’t hurt.

If you love my reviews please tell me. If you don’t like my reviews please troll me.

You can find my API post stuffs here:

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