Lazy Enchiladas

Great News!! I know so many of you out there have long wanted to prepare my favorite dishes for me. Now you can. In the comfort of your own home you can whip up tasty meals the way I like them. I will leave the sides up to you and just tell how to make me the main things I want. First up is enchiladas. I love them. Now you can make them for me anytime. Next time tacos.

Making my enchiladas is pretty easy and if you ever made them with me then you know. I cut some corners, but if you want to go further and make a more authentic and delicious version I will not stop you. The most important thing to remember is to make sure that you let me know so I can come over, eat, and judge your cooking.

The ingredients can be what ever you want. I like chicken and peppers(hot) but you can put just about anything you want. Just cheese works fine. I like green onions not white or red but if you want to make yours taste bad, I won’t stop you. So enjoy!



  It’s just this easy

    • MEAT: Throw [ Warning: Do NOT actually throw chicken or anything into a pot of boiling anything!!! ]chicken in boiling water with plenty of salt and pepper. I like chicken breast on the bone still. Then pull it all apart until it looks like it’s shredded You can use any meat you are brave enough to try.
    • SAUCE :I don’t make my sauce from scratch because I am so very lazy. I use Old El Paso Enchilanda sauce first. To this I add a whole lot of Valentina hot sauce. Also some a little tomato and garlic if I have it laying around. Put anything else you feel like but I always use Old El Paso and Valentina.
    • TORTILLAS: Corn not flour! Flour tortillas and some cream of something soup is NOT enchiladas. I have seen people do this. Those are just lies.So take your corn tortillas and fry them in some oil, like canola. Only for a few seconds, just to make them soft for the rolling.If you fry them too long they will be hard like a chip and you will be making tostadas.
    • ASSEMBLY: Lots of sauce on the tortillas. All over them. Throw in some chicken and any other things you like. I like green onions, cilantro(pick all the cilantro off by hand, don’t just chop it all up), and some kind of peppers. Bell or jalapeño mostly. But I really like some serranos when I know people want them spicy. Then just roll them up and cover with more sauce and cheese(I like munster).
    • LAST: I normally put all the rolled up guys in a dish of some kind a and a little more sauce on top, some more cheese and something a little chopped and green mostly for looks.
  •       enjoy!!!