FTP for Holli

This post is for Holli and is about FTP. FTP is file transfer protocol. What this means is simply moving files from one place to another. This can be just locally on the machine you are working on, or uploading and downloading to and from your local machine with another machine someplace online. Either way all we are doing is moving folders and files really.

There lots of ways to use FTP, but for the sake. Of simplicity we will talk about an FTP client. This is just a application on your machine that provides a graphical  interface for you to connect and transfer files.
There are lots of different clients as well. PC, Mac, Linux, even mobile ones. Again for simplicity we are going to use a very widely used client, Filezilla. Filezilla is available on PC, Mac, and Linux here: https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=client
I should mention that I also like Cyberduck. Mostly because of the rubber duck icon. Available here: https://cyberduck.io/?l=en It’s up to you which to use.
All clients need the same things. A location to transfer files to and from and credentials, should the location(s) requires these.
If you don’t know the credentials needed to authenticate as a user, these can be found or set up if needed on your hosting.
Since we are using a differing protocol than normal web browsing, the address the client will reach begins with ftp:// much like normal web browsing. FTP clients will need this address ftp://somedomain.com along with a username, password, and sometimes a port number. If you are transferring securely you will use sftp:// and this is up to your settings.
All internet connections you make use a ports. We normally don’t need to know the port  add these use a standard. For example normal web browsing uses port 80. Since FTP normally uses port 21 or 20 most often you will not need to worry about this we can leave that setting blank in Filezilla as the client will guess. If you can connect you may need to change ports or connect securely.

Once you have established a connection you can drag files and folder to and from a server to your machine and back. Even edit files if with your favorite text editor. That is about it for general use. Like anything technology you can get much more advanced.

Here is a video some guy did, because I was too lazy to make my own. He goes through a lot of the normal ftp features.

Moving files around isn’t hard. It’s handy to have for backups or editing web pages and it sounds kind of nerdy. Enjoy!


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