Employee of the Month

For the first time ever, I’m employee of the month at my job. Per tradition I get the EOM trophy for this month. Tradition demands I add something to this trophy. For my part I’ve decided to treat this honor Stanley Cup style. For non hockey fans the Stanley Cup is the trophy awarded to the NHL champs that year. Unlike other trophies, it’s always the exact same trophy. Each player on the team gets to keep the Cup for one week. This being the case, the Cup has done quite a bit of traveling and adventuring. I’m going to do the something similar with our EOM trophy. The pics I take with the trophy will be on my Instagram with the tag #antonioIDXBEOM. The tag is meant to unique enough I can pull just those images into this post below.

Thanks to http://instaembedder.com/ for letting me be lazy and just embed this tag. I might play API with Instagram later to re create this.

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