Digital Comics

I have been pretty resistant to digital comics. I like comic book shops and physical copies of comic books. Although I do love reading the physical copies I have never been a collector. I normally give my comics away. Two things have swayed me somewhat. Buying a tablet and Marvel giving away digital copies with purchase of a physical copy.

I still insist on buying comics at my local comic shops. I probably always will, but the digital copy fits for me and my non collecting. I am able to give away the comic to someone else to enjoy and in many cases have a digital version online I can read anytime. This sharing and keeping is something I enjoy. Supporting my local comic shop and the industry that produces the media I have read my whole life is important to me and I don’t see the digital comic as a threat to traditional paper comics in this case. The bonus digital copy still requires the purchase of the printed version.

I hope DC, Image, Darkhorse, IDW, etc.. will get on board with bonus digital editions as well. I still see digital as a threat to paper comics, but this marriage of hard copies and a bonus not only fulfills my want to share the greatness of comics with people, but rewards me for doing so.

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