Absinthe Jailbreaking 5.1.1

 This post is for @_Suzy and her iPhone 4s. Jailbreaking is easy. One click! I just jailbroke an iPad. Be on iOS 5.1.1 Make a back up using itunes first(optional, but probably a good idea). Plug in your phone and launch itunes. The right click on your phone and hit back up.

Now jailbreak with Absinthe 2.0.4 Here is a video(from page)

Download the package for windows here

See all the downloads: win, mac, and linux here

After that add repositories for even more app fun by going to Cydia and add to sources. Some sources like http://cydia.xsellize.com will warn you about pirated apps.

You should buy the apps . People work hard on these!

So far I am loving the Jailbreak.

Swipe Selection(allows you to move the cursor back with the keyboard) and Barrel(adds fun transitions to swiping pages) are a few of my early favorites. Why some of these things are not just built in to iOS or available in the normal app store I have no idea…